There's a new GIN trend for summer and you're going to want to try it! 4 years ago

There's a new GIN trend for summer and you're going to want to try it!

Now this sounds DELISH.

Yes, there is nothing we love more than sipping on a fruit bowl with some elderflower and gin in the mix, but as seasons are changing, so are the mixers and accompaniments we use.


Yes, it looks like there is a new trend set for summer, inspired by sport and TBH, we are ALL for trying something new once it involves gin (obvs).

So what is it you ask?

Well, according to Copeland Gin's founder Gareth Irvine, he thinks Wimbledon is going to cause a stir and see us taking inspo to try something new. He said:


“Wimbledon will be a key event this summer! The event has always had a strong association to fruity, fizzy drinks like Pimms but this year, gin will come to the forefront as part of the trend too. Pimms and gin work really well together and this combo is ideal for sharing pitchers and exploring new fruit garnishes.

“Simply take the classic Pimms No.1 cup and pour into a large jug, add your favourite gin along with oranges, cucumber and mint.”

Now that to me sounds DELISH.

Looking for some other tasty gin recipes to shake up this weekend? Well here are two cocktails that we've tried and tested and now fully ADORE.

Elderflower and Blueberry Collins



40 ml Gin

20 ml lemon juice

20 ml Elderflower syrup


5 blueberries

Soda water


In a tall glass muddle your blueberries and elderflower syrup together. Add lemon juice and gin. Fill glass fully with ice then top with soda water.

You should be left with a beautiful ombre effect from the muddled blueberries to the soda top. Garnish with a blueberry skewer and serve.


Pink Lady


50ml Gin

10ml Lemon juice

5ml Grenadine

10ml Sweet Vermouth

1 Egg white

Redcurrants to garnish


Dry shake all the ingredients for about 30 seconds. Add ice and shake again until cold. Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with redcurrants.


Feature Image - We are not Martha [dot] com.