These are the top 5 food trends in Ireland this summer 2 years ago

These are the top 5 food trends in Ireland this summer

The weather is pretty miserable out.

We're hoping and praying that it's going to improve over the next few weeks, but while we're waiting we'll be sitting in, munching away on takeaways and watching Love Island (what summer bod?).


Deliveroo conducted a bit of research to look into what's going to be the top food trends for this year, and there's a few surprising ones in there.

Take a look below:

Lower alcohol consumption

Think summer is the time to whip out cans and drink at the Barge? Think again.

Deliveroo has found that people now more than ever are drinking less and are opting for mocktails or alcohol-free beer to go with their dinner.



We like this one. In fact, we love it.

According to the delivery service, we're moving away from the traditional seafood meals like fish and chips and going for more sophisticated seafood options. Newfound Irish favourites include shellfish, seaweed, sushi and sea snacks, with orders of sushi alone increasing by 35 percent last year.


Hemp-based products

CBD Oil and hemp-based products have become so popular in the past few years and it's popularity is not stopping anytime soon.

Deliveroo expects many more hemp-based products to be made available on the platform in the next few months as it becomes infused with a variety of foods.


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Pacific Rim influence

We're more diverse in our food choices now than ever before, and it looks like this year we'll continue to soak up flavours from the Southern Hemisphere.

This summer, expect to see more exotic food like dragon fruit and guava being added to dishes.



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Changing eating schedules

Did you have dinner when you came from school as a kid? When do you take lunch now? It seems like the usual breakfast, lunch, dinner routine is on its way out as the standard eating schedule is moving around.

The most popular times to order on Deliveroo at present are at 9:43am, 1:04pm, 3:45pm and 7:35pm.