This could be the most tasty hangover cure we've ever come across 2 years ago

This could be the most tasty hangover cure we've ever come across

If a rasher sandwich doesn't help ease your pain, a tub of Ben and Jerry's is usually worth a shot, but a South Korean company claim their new ice cream really does cure a hangover. 

The Gyeondyo-bar (which translates to ‘hang in there’) is a grapefruit-flavoured ice cream made with oriental raisin tree fruit extract, an ancient Korean headache remedy.

We like where this is going.


Grapefruit scent has long been associated with energy, cleansing and reducing fatigue, while a small study confirmed that oriental raisin tree fruit extract did have the power to neutralise the effects of alcohol in rats.

What's more, the aroma of grapefruit oil eases anxiety and replaces self-loathing with confidence - just what you need when you've spent the morning swearing you will never drink again.

Wrap that up in a bar of ice-creamy goodness and you've got the Holy Grail of hangover cures. Or at least a treat that's slightly more effective than four packets of Monster Munch and a litre of tea.

South Koreans are the biggest boozers in Asia, throwing back 12.3 litres of alcohol each per year, so they'll be relieved when the Gyeondyo-bar hits convenience store freezers there next week.

There are no plans to launch the bar here in the near future but in the meantime we can recommend an aspirin and a Solero. 

Image: Reuters