This Dublin deli's Brussels sprouts and gravy sandwich is THE taste of Christmas 10 months ago

This Dublin deli's Brussels sprouts and gravy sandwich is THE taste of Christmas

Brussels sprouts in a sandwich?

I will agree, that doesn't sound like the most flavourful of fillings but, and you can quote me on this, Brussels sprouts are key to any sandwich over Christmas. In fact, they could potentially make an appearance in a sandwich in the summer and I think I would still be happy to see their green leaves.

Since it's December and everyone loves a good Christmas sandwich, we thought we would go in search of the best one. This led us to a cafe on Parnell Street, in Dublin's city centre, called 147 Deli. Locals will already be familiar with this fab food emporium – and everyone else will want to be after taking a look at this sandwich.

You may not already know that 147 Deli was named the 12th best place in Europe to get a sandwich by global travel website, Big 7 Travel. So, of course, it made sense to pop along to see what they have to offer in terms of Christmas dinner between two slices of bread.

The Christmas sandwich is down as "the special" for the next few days and is packed with everything you would expect from a perfect feast on the 25th of December. "The special" is filled with slices of turkey, ham, brie cheese, cranberry sauce – and Brussels sprouts with a bacon glaze.

It also comes with a side of chicken gravy, which I, of course, poured over the whole thing. Yes, that's right – a gravy covered sandwich. It was messy, but it was oh so worth the mess.

So if you're craving a Christmas sandwich before the big day head down to 147 Deli and ask for the special and a pack of crisps. I didn't get the crisps but it was the only regret I had that day.

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