This hangover cure will either fix you...or make you very, very sick 1 year ago

This hangover cure will either fix you...or make you very, very sick


The 'hair of the dog' has long been explained as a method of dealing with the hangover from hell but does it actually work?!

Pizza, fry-ups, chips and all of the chocolate that you can get your hands on are traditionally how we cope with sick heads but maybe we're missing a trick.

One chef, by the name of Fergus Henderson, believes he has the secret to curing THAT dreaded hangover.


The London-based expert says that "Fernet, crème de menthe, and ice" is the fail-safe way to get over the pain that makes you feel like you're going to die. A thousand deaths.

Speaking to VICE, he revealed his secret concoction but advised anyone trying it to "not be put off the colour", a green/brown mix that can only be described as sludge.

Anyway, in case you're not familiar with it, fernet is a "bitter, aromatic spirit" which originated in Italy.

It's usually taken as a drink at the end of a meal to aid digestion but Henderson has come up with another use for it.

Similarly, creme de menthe is also a standard way to end a meal but it's a common cocktail ingredient too.

Cocktail Stills: Green Cocktails

If this isn't your bag and you really can't see yourself getting this down without vomiting, then here are some of the hangover cures that are popular in other countries.

There's actually some interesting (and completely random options) included.