This Irish distillery has launched an incredibly unique new gin 1 year ago

This Irish distillery has launched an incredibly unique new gin

Ballykeefe Distillery has announced the official launch of it’s new Lady Desart Gin - which won gold at the prestigious 2019 USA Spirits ratings award.

The Irish family business' gin - an original London dry gin with an oriental twist - is named in honour of Ellen Cuffe, who became affectionately known as Lady Desart, and was an exceptional politician and philanthropist in early 20th century Ireland.


The gin is crafted from 12 botanicals that combine to enhance and enrich the juniper flavour with a subtle lemon freshness.

It also includes three rare oriental peppers, which is part of what makes it such a unique gin.

Wild forest and long red peppers are handpicked in the wild mountain forest of Vietnam, while the other is the infamous Cambodian Mondulkiri red pepper.

Morgan Ging, owner of Ballykeefe Distillery, said:

“Our Lady Desart Gin is produced with great pride to a high level of purity - our spirits are hearts only leaving us with a really pure gin that’s smooth to the taste.

"We have huge confidence in the flavour of this gin and recommend that it is best served on its own, with just a good quality tonic and some ice - no need for a garnish as the flavour is of such high enough quality, it stands complete on its own.

"Eco Friendly and Sustainability in the production of our spirits are hugely important to us and we have worked really hard to ensure that this is central to the production of all our spirits - including the Lady Desart Gin”.

The Lady Desart  name honours the renowned Ellen Cuffe, who became affectionately known as Lady Desart.


She inherited a vast fortune on the death of her father in 1908 and she proceeded to invest and donate to many local and international projects. She was responsible for many of the landmarks commonly associated with Kilkenny including Kilkenny Library, Aut Even Hospital and Talbots Inch Suspension Bridge.

The Freedom of Kilkenny was conferred on Lady Desart in 1910, and Ballykeefe Distillery is proudly located on her former estate.

Ballykeefe Distillery has an exceptional commitment to sustainability and environmental protection which are central to the business plan.

There is zero off farm waste and high capital investment to ensure a fully sustainable, low carbon footprint in every aspect of the operation. Its Eco Friendly achievements have been recognised in a number of sustainability awards

Lady Desart Gin is available nationwide in selected retailers and in SuperValu stores across the country.