This is how to make McDonalds chips at home 4 years ago

This is how to make McDonalds chips at home

My mother says that the first time I, independently, dipped my McDonalds chips in my sweet and sour sauce she cried.

Moving to Dublin at 18, my mother discovered McDonalds for the first time. She fell in love instantly and for the entirety of her career on Harry Street, she ate a Big Mac meal every lunch time. I came out of the womb addicted to Happy Meals and it’s a habit that has manifested during my 26-years on the planet.

Despite whatever your takeaway preference may be, it’s undeniable that McDonalds produce the freshest and nicest fries.

After Myth Buster's Grant Imahara visited the factory where the fries were made, Pop Sugar analyzed the process and broke down all the steps for recreating the golden strings at home.

The process seems a little tedious and quite lengthy but the results are mouth-watering.

The process starts with a rustic potato. The spud is then sliced into matchsticks. They’re then rinsed in a sugar solution for half an hour before being fried for 90 seconds in peanut oil. They’re then drained and chilled before being fried again at a higher temperature.

Check it out below.

If you don't want to go to all that hassle but still crave the freshest fries possible, the trick is to ask for fries without salt.

This is because an entire fresh batch of chips will have to be made for you,  workers have to clean all the tools used to make and package the fries to make sure that there's no salt.

WARNING: This is likely to piss off pretty much every McDonalds worker and any customers waiting in the queue so proceed with extreme caution.