This is not a drill: there is an actual Nutella TAP in Ireland 4 years ago

This is not a drill: there is an actual Nutella TAP in Ireland

When I heard about a Nutella tap in Ireland I HAD to investigate.

I took one for the Her team and went up to Newry to visit the tap which belongs to an ice cream shop, Nugelato.

The smell of fresh chocolate you get when you first enter the shop is like no other. Their Nutella tap stands proudly at the front and has hot chocolate constantly flowing from it. And it's not like a tap of hot milk, it's proper Nutella.

Look at how fantastic this is:

I went for the Nuggy pot, which is a medium sized cup full of Nutella, ice cream and loads of different toppings.


The first thing they do is fill your cup with lots of Nutella from the tap.

Then you get to choose from their vast array of homemade ice creams. The flavours include bubble gum, salted caramel, mint, Kinder Bueno, Jaffa Cake and honeycomb.

Next you pick from their selection of toppings which include sweets, chocolate, marshmallows, nuts and fudge.


I went for mint and honeycomb ice cream and topped it off with some sweets, cream and some more Nutella from the tap. I've had my fair share of ice creams and I can honestly say this was by far the nicest I've ever tried.


I highly recommend a visit.

It was DIVINE.

Nugelato also has a shop in Newcastle, Co. Down with another Nutella tap.