This sandwich hack will greatly improve your life (and lunchtime experience)  1 year ago

This sandwich hack will greatly improve your life (and lunchtime experience) 

It’s a sad story and one that you probably know all too well.

Your morning is spent concealing the rumbles of a hungry tummy and daydreaming about what to eat for lunchtime. You settle on a mighty large sandwich from the deli. Chicken, cheese, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato - you get it all. You head back to the canteen with your paper-wrapped sandwich in hand only to have it all fall apart when you go to eat it. Sauce drips out the sides, lumps of chicken fall and you’re left looking equally foolish and devastated.

At last someone has revealed a hack that will be the end of all your lunchtime woes and vastly improve your sandwich eating experience.

Imgur user puckbeaverton shared the hack. All it requires is a bag of crisps.

In the beginning, he states the obvious problem. You got food, you got limited space and you feel like a dripping sandwich is an inevitable situation. In this situation Puck is in his Yaris.

But luckily Puck knows his shit.

“I"m a professional fast food eater,” he reveals early on.

Then he gets into the good stuff.

3 - Step One Dump the Chips

“Dump your chips out of your bag into your opened sandwich wrapper in the passenger seat.  This allows you to pick from a pile of chips rather than out of a bag, minimizing your chip dust exposure.”

The man’s got a point.

4 - Step Two Put the Sandwich in the Chip Bag

Then he simply sticks the sub into the empty crisp bag and gets on with it.

“I broke down and cried when I discovered this. I like New York Steamers and well, they drip.  Lots of subs do.  Put that shit in your Mrs. Vickie's bag and drip no more.  Then chow down in a clean and orderly manner,” he writes.

Alright, dunno if we’d going crying over it but as far as sandwich hacks go - this is a good one.