Those pink gin trees are now available in Ireland and we'll cheers to that 2 years ago

Those pink gin trees are now available in Ireland and we'll cheers to that


Last month, social media users were sent into a frenzy with the introduction of pink gin trees (and we can't blame them).

Basically, they are exactly what the name says: nine cocktails displayed on an impressive and Instagram-friendly tree-like stand.

The first ones to surface on social media were from the Slug & Lettuce, a bar-restaurant chain in the UK - but we had been keeping our fingers crossed that someone in Ireland would be next.

And, thankfully, Dakota Bar in Dublin is here to the rescue.

The venue, which is based on South William Street, introduced their newest creations on social media last night.

Yes, we said creations. There's more than one kind of Celebrations Tree.

The first one is the Pink G&T tree, which has nine goblets filled with pink gin (or regular gin, if that's  more your thing) and plenty of fresh fruit.

But, like we said, there's more than one of them: so if G&T's aren't your thing, there's also a Pornstar Martini tree, which is equally as colourful and impressive looking.

The creative cocktail holders were introduced as Dakota announced a special promotion taking place on every Thursday this August.

The Pornstar Martini Tree is available for €60, including finger food as well as a reserved area.

And you can get the G&T Tree, which includes 9 Tanquerary (or pink) gins with Schweppes tonic, for €100 - including finger food and a reserved area.