Three absolutely delicious iced coffee recipes you can make at home 4 years ago

Three absolutely delicious iced coffee recipes you can make at home

The ONLY thing for this clammy, sticky weather.

We don't know about you but come summer, we love swapping our normally steaming cups of java for the iced variety.


An iced coffee is pretty much the perfect hot weather pick-me-up, but if you are constantly popping into your local coffee shop for one of these babies, chances are you have discovered they don't come cheap, with prices often starting at at least €4 – maybe even €5-something.

Well, ladies, fear not – because, with these recipes, you can totally be your own barista this summer.

Iced almond-macadamia milk latte

If you’re staying away from dairy, this deliciously creamy nut milk latte is pretty much perfect for you.


PS: You can substitute the macadamia milk for whatever nut milk you prefer or have on hand.

(Recipe and image via Some Kitchen Stories)

Blended iced cappuccino


Warning: The neighbours might start queuing up outside your door if they get wind of how delicious your iced cappuccinos are.

Oh, and the secret ingredient in this decadent iced drink is chocolate milk! And cream, of course.

(Recipe and image via Port and Fin)


Cold brew coffee

If you have yet to taste cold brew, ladies, you have been missing out.

Instead of the bitterness you get when you chill hot brewed coffee, you get a smooth, dark and rich iced coffee you'll no doubt be dreaming about forever more.

(Recipe and image via A New Bloom)