6 times Jesus presented himself in Irish people's food 5 years ago

6 times Jesus presented himself in Irish people's food

Jesus, am I right?

He's forever appearing where you least expect him. In our communion, in our wine, at our transition year graduation ceremony, EVERYWHERE!


We get sent a lot of crazy things here at Her.ie, but lately we've been receiving a lot of #JesusWatch content. People have been spotting our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in all manner of food items.

Let's take a look at the latest holy findings.

Brian in Galway sent us this snap. "If you look at the closest slice of toast, there's a very faint etching of our Lord. Raging I burnt my toast to a crisp, but listen I horsed it into myself anyway. It's what Jesus would've wanted". 

Close-up of burnt toasts in a toaster


Niamh from Offaly got in touch. "I was at mass and I noticed the communion looked quite familiar. Fr. Molony was very decent to stand still while I took a quick photo and Instagrammed it. The caption was 'Body of Christ....Literally'. Got 22 likes. Thrilled to bits with it".


Communion and clergyman.


Conor in Fermanagh says "I was in our local Italian, Luigi's, they do a serious pizza for a tenner, and I had just cut myself a slice. Before I threw it into my gob, I noticed J-Dogg himself on the slice I was about to eat. Naturally, I blessed myself and then laid it to rest, in my mouth".

Hot Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Ready to Eat



Kevin in Carlow writes "Peasus Christ! I was peeling a few green beans when I noticed our Lord and saviour looking back at me. Sent a photo onto a few of the lads and they said I should get in touch. He was delicious - about 5 minutes on the boil and then strained. Fair play".

Four pea pods on bed of peas with flowers.


Claire in Clare says "I have a cookery blog and I was taking photos of my latest accomplishment - a sherry trifle. It wasn't until I reviewed the photographs that I noticed Jesus himself looking straight back at me. What a surprise. I was so shocked but also comforted by his presence".


Traditional English strawberry trifle in transparent dessert glass on rustic wooden surface


Nina in Cork was eating about to eat her Freddo, when she was visited by Himself, "As we all know, Freddos are extremely overpriced. I like to think that the Lord was agreeing with us when he appeared on my chocolatey treat. I've notified Cadbury and I'm waiting on a response".





If your food has been blessed with Jesus' presence, please send your photos to us: slownewsday@her.ie