Tony's Chocolonely is the epitome of guilt-free chocolate and it's utterly delicious 9 months ago

Tony's Chocolonely is the epitome of guilt-free chocolate and it's utterly delicious

Heard of Tony's Chocolonely?

With January being the month of good intentions and attempts to live better, we want to take it a step further in 2020, thinking more about the choices we make and not having it all about going to the gym.

We're starting with chocolate.

If stats from 2017 are anything to go by, us Irish love chocolate. We're the third biggest chocolate eaters in Europe, just behind Austria and Switzerland. So if we're going to purchase so much of the stuff we may as well make sure it's super delicious and... slave-free.


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Yes, you see, apparently, there are some major issues in the supply chain of cocoa with big suppliers keeping the price low and so we see an unequally divided cocoa chain all the way from the cocoa farmers to us consumers.

Tony's Chocolonely creator — Dutch investigative journalist Teun van de Keuken — set up the business in 2005 after recognising that some of the world's biggest chocolate companies in the world were buying from plantations in West Africa, in the likes of Ghana and Ivory Coast, that engage in modern slavery, including child slavery.

So, Tony's Chocoloney's mission is to make us more aware of what's happening to cocoa farmers, to be an example for the industry and the brand also wants to inspire us to act too. It all starts with the purchases we make, of course.

Tony's wants us all to know that it's possible to make slave-free chocolate and still be a super successful business too (and a super successful chocolate eater.. NOM) and ensure chocolate is created in such a way that doesn't hurt others.

The brand has amazing flavours too including dark milk pretzel toffee, dark almond sea salt, milk caramel sea salt, milk hazelnut, milk chocolate almond honey nougat, a beautiful extra dark chocolate version and more.

You'll currently find Tony's Chocolonely in Dublin and Cork at Spar, Fresh, Mace, Mortons, Fallon & Byrne, Brown Thomas, Listons Food Store, Eason, and you can find your nearest store here. For more insight into the chocolate industry and Tony's Chocolonely, watch Rotten, season 2 episode 5: Bitter Chocolate, on Netflix.