White Claw, who? Another hard seltzer has just landed in Ireland 5 months ago

White Claw, who? Another hard seltzer has just landed in Ireland

No, it's not summertime, but yes, that's another hard seltzer coming your way.

Earlier this year, we were treated to an abundance of the low alcohol, low calorie drinks. They were called hard seltzer, and they came in their droves.


And in fairness, they brought a little something new to the summer months, a certain je ne sais quoi, while we all struggled to navigate the heat, the grand stretch, and the fact that we were living through a global pandemic.

And hey, we still are, so why not relax with another new hard seltzer that's just hit the Irish market? It's called Topo Chico, and it's utterly delish.

Alcohol, sparkling water and a choice of either tangy lemon lime, cherry açai or tropical mango, the new drink promises a touch of summer during the winter months.

Stemming from south America, the new hard seltzer is inspired by the 125-year-old Topo Chico sparkling mineral water brand, already very popular with mixologists and bartenders in the USA and Latin America.

The drink is 4.7% ABV, 96 kcal, contains two grams of sugar, is free of sweeteners, gluten and preservatives, and is available to buy in Tesco now - so it's an ideal enough shout if you're looking for something a little lighter this weekend.

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