Elle's Bar have launched a delicious new vegan meal and we are LOVING it 3 months ago

Elle's Bar have launched a delicious new vegan meal and we are LOVING it

Brought to you by the Iveagh Garden Hotel. 

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Veganism is on the up and up and, while it might have been hard a few years ago to find a good vegan meal, the unstoppable rise of veganism means we are now finding more and more delicious options popping up around the place.

The latest addition to this being the new vegan menu at Elle's Bar and, let us tell you, it looks delicious.

Mindful eaters will enjoy delightful dishes such as Beetroot Carpaccio, Moussaka, Asian Curry, and Cauliflower goujons from the new lunch and dinner menu. And just look at them, lads.

Seriously though, have you seen classier goujons than those?


There are also, of course, some scrumptious desserts to finish up the meal, such as their utterly delicious Almond Rice Pudding or their fancy Mojito Fruit Cocktail in a martini glass (now that's how a fruit cocktail should be served!).

Their vegan menu fits in perfectly with the Iveagh Garden's eco-friendly mindset. The hotel utilises sustainable energy sources in their day-to-day business and what better way to add to this earth-friendly concept than adding a full vegan menu? (Using only fresh and local ingredients no less!)

It looks simply delicious and we are extremely eager to try it, along with their new Conscious Beverage cocktails, which have also just been introduced to the menu. These cocktails are low cal so perfect for our yearly uptake in cocktail drinking. Now we can have more of those summery sips without having to feel guilty about it (hurrah!).

We'll take two, please.

You can book a table at Elle's Bar here to try out their new vegan menu.

Brought to you by the Iveagh Garden Hotel