Watch: How to safely reheat a takeaway 4 years ago

Watch: How to safely reheat a takeaway

Saved some of your weekend takeaway to eat this week?

Apparently we've been reheating our food all wrong.


In a video for BBC online channel Brit Lab, doctor Michael Mosley claims that many of us are getting ill because of our poor practices when it comes to reheating yesterday's curry.

Many people have fallen ill eating leftover curries due to our relaxed approach to reheating rice. It appears reheated rice can be host to scores of a bug, bacillus cereus, which produces toxins which cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

As Michael explains, it's important to reheat food to 82 degrees, otherwise, we run the risk of leaving 'pockets of bacteria' in our food.

Also key? Stirring your food when heated, to make sure everything is cooked all the way through. Looks like all of those ready meal instructions were right.

You can find the full video where Michael shows us how to avoid playing 'playing Russian roulette with your guts' below.

Thanks, Mike, now do you mind showing us a way to reheat chips so they don't get all soft and soggy?