Having a wedding? Here's where to get the wedding cake of your dreams 2 years ago

Having a wedding? Here's where to get the wedding cake of your dreams

Brought to you by Ms Cupcake Cork. 

Planning a wedding can be a nightmare as well as a dream.


There are so many parts to making this day perfect for you and your partner and one of the major details is, of course, the cake.

What flavour are you going to get? Will it all be the same flavour? How many tiers? What icing will you use? Will there be decorations? Though the plus side is that you get to sample loads of yummy flavours while making your decision (definitely the best part of the planning).

You want a cake that suits you and your partner to a T and preferably one that will make all of the guests jealous that it's not theirs (I mean, nothing wrong with showing off a little, right?).

Ms Cupcake in Cork is one spot where you can find your absolute dream cake. They create beautiful and delicious cakes to order (just look at this stunning creation - it belongs in a fairy tale).

The cake company caters for both small and large weddings. All you have to do is choose your preferred flavour, have a little chat with Ramune, the founder of the company, about what you want and the design you're looking for, and she will work her magic.

You won't have to go looking elsewhere for your desserts either because Ms Cupcake makes scrumptious little sweet bites perfect for a wedding (or any other special occasion, mind you). There's a huge range of treats, such as her chocolate cake pops, lemon meringue mini dessert, rum marzipan in chocolate, or chocolate truffles. We're drooling just thinking about them.


If you're reading this and are on the verge of tears because you want cake but you're NOT getting married then don't worry. Ms Cupcake will make cakes for any occasion.

No one should have to be getting married to enjoy delicious cake. It is our right.

Brought to you by Ms Cupcake Cork

If you're looking for delicious and handmade cupcakes, cakes, and sumptuous desserts for weddings and other special occasion, check out the many flavours available at Ms Cupcake Cork. Visit the website to find out more or to order some of the delightful creations.