Wham Bar, Cola Bottle and other retro ice pops are coming to Iceland this summer 1 week ago

Wham Bar, Cola Bottle and other retro ice pops are coming to Iceland this summer

Finally, some good news.

Newsagents just aren't the same anymore. Back in the day, they were dominated by Cadet Cola, penny jellies, cheap bars, and 10c bags of crisps.


It was a simpler time, a better time, and a time that is not easily replicated, considering pennies are a thing of the past, and sweets are super expensive now.

Alas, we soldier on. We get our kicks elsewhere. We pop down to our local supermarkets in the hope that they'll have a whole new range of ice pops based on retro sweets - and thankfully, this week they do.

Iceland has just announced the launch of their new range of retro ice lollies, based on sweets us Irish will have been all over back in the day.

The new range includes the famous Wham Bar, the popular Cola Bottle, the 80s foam Banana and lots of other retro treats that you absolutely enjoyed as a child - just now in ice pop form.  

As well as the above, the new range also includes Sherbet Fountain ice lollies, Milk Bottles, Anglo Bubbly's and of course, Milkshare ice lollies too.


The ice pops come in packs of either four or six, and all cost €2.50, so if you were hoping to pick up a few boxes this bank holiday weekend and not break the bank, you can.

The range is part of the store's ongoing collaboration with Barratt confectionary, the iconic and long-running sweets brand, so you know it's gonna be good.

The new range of retro ice lollies are available to buy across Iceland stores in Ireland now.