How putting butter in your morning coffee could help you burn fat 3 years ago

How putting butter in your morning coffee could help you burn fat

This might sound like the most disgusting idea ever, but stick with us.

Putting butter in your morning coffee might just kick your body into fat burning mode.


We're not talking any old butter just lumped into your Starbucks cappuccino.

It's more like nutrient-rich, grass-fed butter added to fresh coffee and whizzed up in a blender until it's frothy like a latte.

Why? It's the good fats in it.

This rather odd sounding concoction was pioneered by Dave Asprey a former Silicon Valley exec, entrepreneur, multi-millionaire and bio hacker who lost 100lbs in bodyweight on a high fat diet.


You might have heard of Bulletproof Coffee - well this is it.

Inspired by Tibetan yak's butter tea which mountain climbers there use for energy and sustained concentration, Asprey swears by it.

He adds grass-fed butter and MCT oil to his morning brew (obviously using his own Bulletproof company products) but many people just use regular ingredients like butter and coconut oil.

For starters getting some good fats in first thing in the morning will keep you satiated and feeling full until lunch time.


The fats - in particular the MCT oil - give your brain a ready source of energy from ketones, so you'll feel alert and stimulated, rather than wired off your coffee.

Also science has shown that the first morning meal effectively programmes your metabolism for the day.

So getting healthy fats in first will keep your blood sugar stable rather than cramming in a load of sugary baked goods early doors that will give you an energy crash and more cravings before you've even had your 9am meeting.


It's also a good way of keeping your body burning fat as a fuel source. Your body is in a fasted state from overnight, having probably burned through most stored carbohydrate.

So feeding yourself good fats from eggs, avocados, meats and nuts - or fats from butter and MCTs - is a great way to keep your body getting its energy from stored fat rather than sugar.

Naturally if you're not eating loads of sugar and carbs to burn as energy, your body will utilise its fat stores instead. This is the basis of the 'ketogenic diet'

Drinking a big, fat buttery coffee in the morning works best with the keto diet - getting so many calories in from fats isn't a great idea if you're then eating another 3,000 calories from pizza, burgers and chips.

Here's how you can make one...


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