Would you drink this cocktail that costs more than €100? 3 years ago

Would you drink this cocktail that costs more than €100?

Well, this is quite luxurious.

We love going out for a few cocktails with the girls, but we feel like after one of these it might be time to go home.


And not because of the booze content, but because you will probably fall into a food coma after having it.

People with a sweet tooth will definitely adore this, but for some it might be a tad too much.

The new offering is from The Bletchley in London and is called The George VI Cocktail.

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It's made up of Monkey 47 gin, Lanique rose vodka and Chambord liqueur are mixed with fresh lemon juice and bitter lemon, and then infused with hibiscus tea, berries, lemon and orange peel.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. The €111 cocktail also includes mascarpone foam, chocolate, edible diamonds, caramel and real gold leaves, and is also served with a “sparkling wine bomb”, jelly, French toast, pancakes and sweets... so do you see where we're coming from when we say food coma?


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“It’s easy to create a cocktail for £100 while using premium spirits, but we wanted to focus on customer experience.

“It’s going to be customised because we’re going to come to the people, so everything is going to be made in front of them," the bar manager told Business Insider.

We feel like booking a flight just to try this!