5 Cork spots we're dying to hit up once restaurant restrictions are lifted 2 years ago

5 Cork spots we're dying to hit up once restaurant restrictions are lifted

The real capital, some might say.

And it's about to get even realer once Phase Three kicks off, restrictions are lifted, and restaurants are allowed to open up again.


But rather than simply waiting for that time to arrive, we've been busy compiling lists of all of the places we want to hit up once it's safe to do so.

You can check out our list of Dublin restaurants we can't wait to visit again here, or simply peruse the list of Cork spots below.

Decent shouts all round.

1. Market Lane


A classic but a must, once restrictions are sufficiently lifted.

After all, who among us doesn't want to stuff their face with steak, roasted aubergines, and as many cocktails as they can muster?


2. Il Padrino 

Could this be the best Italian in Cork?

It's certainly up there anyway, and that's why we're desperate to slip back between its doors at the end of June/beginning of July/whenever it is that they get to open safely again.

Dish of choice? Got to be the arancini balls. Gimme.


3. Thali Nepal Restaurant

Name a more fulfilling experience than going out for some delicious cuisine, having a few glasses of wine, and eating so much Nepalese food that you can't move.

You can't, and that's why we're gagging to pay a visit to Cork's Thali Nepal Restaurant during Phase Three.

Drooling, not gonna lie.


4. Restaurant Chestnut 

A bit outside of the city but worth every second of the trek, Restaurant Chestnut is on the fancier side but listen, we've been isolated from the world, guys. We deserve.

Serving up everything from roasted red mullet to mussels to their new takeout Sticks & Twigs menu, this Michelin star spot is sure to be high up on any Corkonian's list once Phase Three kicks off.

5. Jacques 

Homey, familiar, and totally delicious, the food at Jacques is the exact brunch-y bits we've been missing during lockdown.

Like the rest of the county, they've been playing a blinder with their takeout options, but it's sitting in we're most looking forward to.

Boozy tiramisu, anyone?