9 Dublin restaurants with outdoor dining we've already booked a table for 1 month ago

9 Dublin restaurants with outdoor dining we've already booked a table for

No harm in planning ahead.

In fact, there's every reason to plan ahead, given the sheer amount of people who are going to be dining out the second that restaurants and pubs open back up for the summer.


June 7 will see the official reopening restaurants (and pubs) for outdoor dining as Ireland's slow ease out of lockdown begins.

And while we're all gasping for a little wining and dining, if you want to get in there early, you're most likely going to have to book.

So, here are 9 Dublin restaurants that we've already booked a table for this summer - you better be quick if you fancy booking yours too.

1. Chez Max, Palace St 

A hidden gem that's not so hidden, the guys at Chez Max are the kinds of French cuisine - and they'll officially be back open for business this June.

Book yourself a table out the heated front (ideal people watching sitch), or grab a seat out the back of their new patio area. Either way, you'll be dining like royalty.


2. Sprezzatura, Grantham St 

At the time of writing, Sprezzatura has yet to confirm whether they will be returning for outdoor dining this summer, but given the success of their gorgeous heated area last year, we'd be very surprised if the Italian restaurant didn't open its doors this June.

Make it happen. The pasta, I need it.

3. Rosa Madre, Crow St


Listen lads, Rosa Madre is so good it's probably going to be booked out for the entire summer, but if you fancy checking in with them every other day to see if there's been any cancellations, you won't regret it.

The self-proclaimed best Italian seafood restaurant in Dublin is reopening its doors for outdoor dining next month, so grab yourself a table ASAP if you're desperate for some gorgeous food that's not been delivered to your home.


4. 3 Leaves, Blackrock 

Indian food, but make it boujie. 3 Leaves is an award winning Indian restaurant with dishes that'll leave you thinking about them for days, desperate to book in your next visit - and if that isn't enough to make you want to book a table this summer, I don't know what is.

At the time of writing, the restaurant has yet to confirm their reopening for outdoor dining, but chances are they will. Keep an eye on their Insta for updates.


5. Drury Buildings, Drury St 

Good tapas, good wine, and better company (depending on who you bring). Drury Buildings boasts a gorgeous atmospheric outdoor area that'll pretty much make you feel like you're inside the entire time anyway.

Book soon to avoid disappointment, etc.

6. Rudy's, Blanchardstown 

Something a little closer to home this time (if you're from Blanch), Rudy's Restaurant will be reopening for outdoor dining this year.

Located in Blachardstown village, this spot does great food and even better cocktails. Give them a ring to book a table now.

7. Piglet Wine Bar, Temple Bar 

A wine bar, but also serving nibbly bits, so it counts as a restaurant, alright?

Temple Bar's Piglet Wine Bar will be reopening this summer, and with a class terrace to boot, you'd be wild not to consider this as your next gal's dinner catchup spot.

8. Forno 500, Dame St 

Best four cheese white pizza in the country - called it. Forno 500 was open right up until the last second last summer before Dublin's total lockdown, and we've no doubt that they're going to be back serving amazing Italian food and wine this June.

And yes, we will be there.

9. Ukiyo, Exchequer St 

No, you won't be able to do karaoke, but you can still nab yourself an outdoor table, order some sushi, and have a lovely time.

Just off Dublin's George's St, Ukiyo boasts a row of outdoor seating in the lane alongside it. Ideal for those sunny days we best be having.