3 lovely spots you can get yourself a boujie lunch in Dublin 5 months ago

3 lovely spots you can get yourself a boujie lunch in Dublin

It's not brunch, it's lunch.

Lunch has gotten a bad rap these past few years.


But more than a mere soup and a sandwich it is. Or at least, more than a mere soup and a sandwich it has become.

These days, go out for a lunch and you can often find yourself dropping a cool 20+ quid on a delicious meal, a divine coffee, or even a cheeky tipple (or two).

Lunch has become the new brunch (or maybe the new dinner, who can say for sure), which means that it's gotten fancier, bigger, and oftentimes, pricier.

But boujie needn't have to mean expensive, for there are plenty of divine spots across the glorious city of Dublin that you can book in for a very delicious (and very reasonable) lunch today, sure to bring a touch of glam to even the more dreariest of lunchtimes.

Here's three of them.

1. Kinara Kitchen

The newly re-opened Kinara Kitchen has just re-launched its lunchtime menu, bringing a delightful taste of Pakistan to 1pm onwards.


Diners in Ranelagh, Clontarf, and Malahide can enjoy a selection of stunning dishes including spicy soups and naan breads, naan wraps, or a two-course lunch menu including starters and sides for less than 20 quid.

There's even a palak paneer on the menu. Divine.

Kinara Kitchen Ranelagh is open for lunch on Sunday, Kinara Clontarf is Thursday to Sunday and Kajjal Malahide is Wednesday to Sunday.

2. Pickle 


You haven't been for lunch if you haven't been to Pickle. 

Situated at the top of Dublin's Camden St, Pickle is one of the city's most popular spots for Indian cuisine that truly doesn't fall short on the sophistication.

Their lunchtime menu allows customers to avail of two courses (with a naan) for just 22 quid, so if you were at all in the market for something a little fancy to fill you up for the day, you know where to go.


3. Doolally 

A new enough addition to the Dublin restaurant scene, Doolally has got great Indian food, great cocktails, and an even better atmosphere.

They also do an incredible lunch, with everything from classics like prawn masala, prawn jalfrezi, and butter chicken appearing on the menu, as well as a few other Doolally specials like the Thali Tray and the paneer burger.

So, is it 1pm yet or?


Feature image via Doolally Instagram.