You'll either love or hate this news but Coconut Toblerones are now all the rage 2 years ago

You'll either love or hate this news but Coconut Toblerones are now all the rage

People have very strong opinions about coconut flavouring.

The last time we covered coconut flavoured chocolate was when we were discussing the beloved Dairy Milk getting a little hint of the flavour and it's safe to say it divided a nation.


People were up in arms about their favourite chocolate being "destroyed" by the fruit while others were only buzzing to nip down to the shops and pick it up ASAP.

So... it is evident that the coconut has special powers that can inflict rage and love on certain individuals and we believe the latest chocolate offering will do the exact same.

Yes, it has been spotted that the humble Toblerone has too jumped on the coconut bandwagon with "Crispy Coconut Toblerone" which has been on sale for quite awhile now, and I for one think it sounds delicious.

Having been spotted first in Asda in the UK, this delicious chocolate is now available in most leading stores in Ireland too including Tesco and both Cork and Dublin's "Loop" airport store.

One food blogger called Kevin's Snack Reviews (sounds like our kind-of-blog) wrote about tasting the chocolate for the first time on his site saying:


"It's super sweet, naturally, but the coconut makes it so extra crunchy and moreish that it's hard to stop eating. The coconut is toasted, possibly in some kind of sugar syrup, so it's probably not healthy but who really cares when you're eating Toblerone. I really don't know why this variety isn't widely available in shops, it would surely sell by the truckload. I regret that I wasn't greedy and didn't buy more..."

Consider us already SOLD. How have we not tried these before?