You'll never cut a cake the same way again after seeing this TikTok trick 1 year ago

You'll never cut a cake the same way again after seeing this TikTok trick

Well, that's handy!

Whenever we get around to actually hosting and attending parties again, I am so planning on testing out this truly genius trick that has been doing the rounds on TikTok the past few months.


If you have ever attempted to cut similar-sized slices of a cake using a knife or a cake knife, you know just how tricky this can be.

Well, step aside and watch this TikTok magic – I promise, you will never consider cutting a cake any other way going forward.

Simply grab a wine glass and use it to scoop out a perfectly portioned slice of cake.

@theroseperiodHappy 20th birthday to my Jules!#twenty#fyp#birthdaycake#wineglasses#tiktokmom♬ Outro: Happy Birthday - Altered Images

This rather quirky method appears to have first been uploaded by TikTok user @theroseperiod, according to Bustle.

However, since the original video, Since the first upload, the cake cutting trick has exploded all over social media, and thousands have tried it for themselves with impressive results.

The original video, which has amassed millions of views, shows a family celebrating their daughter's 20th birthday.

And after blowing out the candles, each family member simple grabs a wine glass and scoops out a 'slice' of cake from around the perimeter before toasting each other and enjoying their sweet treats.

Clever? We know!