Apparently, we've been cutting potatoes wrong our entire lives 3 years ago

Apparently, we've been cutting potatoes wrong our entire lives

The humble cross is for amateurs.

The baked potato is a staple of low-cost dining. It can be dressed up with cheese, bacon and whatever else to be something really special.


But apparently, we’ve been preparing them like fools.

Most make a mere cross in the spud before wrapping it in tinfoil and a sprinkle of sea salt if you’re fancy. And sure it produces a good fluffy snack, but let's be real, the crispy pieces are the best. And the potato’s big, the toppings stay on top and once you get through that you’re not left with much eh.

One culinary genius, Tonia from Gunny Sack, has stepped in to show us how to maximise the crispy, how to ensure an even distribution of toppings and how to basically improve our baked potato experience.

It all comes down to the preparation of the spud.


Toni cuts circles in the potato before turning it around and adding slits. This creates a blooming potato with little drop zones for the cheese.

We’re hungry.