Doing Dry January? WIN this perfect alcohol-free getaway to reward yourself 1 year ago

Doing Dry January? WIN this perfect alcohol-free getaway to reward yourself

Brought to you by London Essence Company

Hello, New Year's resolutions.


It's January - the month of beginnings, of fresh starts, and of good intentions. A lot of us like to take this month to do a little detox - a little body cleanse - after the, let's be honest, gluttonous but wonderful days of December.

There are two main ways that most of us go about this. We throw out the junk food and make a promise to start eating better and we vow to stay away from all forms of alcohol. At least for one month.

We want to help you on your journey to wellness so we have teamed up with London Essence Company to send you and a friend on a little getaway to Ballymaloe House. There the two of you will be treated to a Ballymaloe Cooking School lesson where you will learn some delicious recipes to add to your New Year menu.

These cooking lessons will be followed up by some absolutely scrumptious Zero Proof Mimosa serves, courtesy of London Essence. Just because you're doing Dry January, doesn't mean you have to drink boring drinks. Just take a look at how fancy this is.

Their Mimosa contains no alcohol and it's under 100 calories so you can continue that January streak of good eating and drinking.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this prize, just fill in the form below.


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Brought to you by London Essence Company

At the London Essence Company, they continue a tradition established towards the end of the 19th Century. Inspired by their predecessors, every drink in their collection contains the purest flavours, distilled from the finest botanical ingredients. This allows them to craft an elegant collection, always low in calories, with no artificial sweeteners. Rare quality for the most exquisite drinks. For more recipes under 150 calories visit the London Essence Co Instagram or head over to their website