Join our exclusive Girls With Goals live lockdown edition with Joanne McNally and MK Slattery 7 months ago

Join our exclusive Girls With Goals live lockdown edition with Joanne McNally and MK Slattery

Brought to you by Momenti Pizza from Dr. Oetker

This is going to be a brilliant evening... Join the zoom HERE


Lockdown has us bored stiff with the monotony of everyday life these days and we seriously cannot WAIT for our next Girls with Goals live event.

As per usual, it will be presented by our GWG host Niamh Maher, but with a bit of a twist. This time, to make sure we all keep to the lockdown rules and to make sure this is available for everyone around the country to attend, we'll be hosting it over zoom.

This zoom-based GWG event will be brought to you by the new single serve Momenti Pizzas from Dr. Oetker and we'll be encouraging you all to take a moment for yourselves, join us for a bit of chat and, of course, some delicious pizza. (That Momenti range is class, btw, you'll definitely be wanting to get your hands of one of those ahead of our event.)

The event will be held on Thursday, June 18, at 7 pm and will be open to just 100 people - so make sure to sign up ASAP.

The show will see high-profile guests, such as comedian Joanne McNally and Mary-Kate Slattery come together to chat about staying positive during tough times and to look at this odd 'new normal' that we're all faced with at the moment. It won't all be lockdown-based though - we will, of course, be discussing the great pleasures of life (such as pizza!).

Niamh and our guests will be answering questions from our readers and listeners and you can bet with these gals that it will be a good laugh.

Just like our lovely sponsor Momenti doesn't compromise on taste, you can rest assured that we won't be compromising on entertainment. (If you want the chance to get a free taste of these scrumptious pizzas, check out our Momenti hamper competition here.)


If you would like to escape the pressures of lockdown and join us for this wonderful evening of chats and laughs, just fill in the form below. Like we said, there is a maximum of 100 places going, so make sure you get in there pronto.

If you are having trouble viewing or submitting this form, please click here.

Brought to you by Momenti Pizza from Dr. Oetker

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