Joy-gasm! We’re giving away €150 worth of Durex goods 1 year ago

Joy-gasm! We’re giving away €150 worth of Durex goods

Brought to you by (DUREX)RED.

Safe sex is great sex ladies!

Apparently, people have more sex during the cooler months too, so best be prepared if you decide to get extra frisky.

We're giving away a huge hamper filled with Durex goods, so expect lots of condoms, gels and toys for you to experiment with and make bed time a whole lot more exciting.

If you're thinking 'Why such a terrific giveaway?', well... Durex has teamed up with the non-profit organisation, RED, to help support its mission to help end AIDS. Ahead of World AIDS Day, on December 1, a host of famous faces, including Zara Larsson, are calling on all of us to ‘give a fuck.’


To show that we do indeed 'give a fuck,' we can purchase (DUREX)RED , the limited edition pack of condoms in selected retailers all over the country. When we purchase a pack, the funds raised go directly to a programme in South Africa where an estimated 7.2 million people are living with HIV.

The ‘Keeping Girls in School’ initiative aims to educate and improve sexual health services for young girls, and in turn will encourage them to stay in school. (Hurrah!)

Durex are making a minimum donation of €4.4 million to The Global Fund through their partnership with RED too. (Woop-woop!)

So, if you'd like to have safe, pleasurable sex while also helping young girls to create a MUCH brighter future for themselves, look out for (DUREX)RED on your next condom shopping spree. In the meantime, sign up below to WIN the superb Durex hamper.

Brought to you by (DUREX)RED .

Us Irish can ‘give a f**k’ ahead of World AIDS Day 2018, by buying a (DUREX)RED condom at selected retailers nationwide and sharing the #GAF message online. To find out more information about the (RED) campaign, visit