10 small habits that will make you happier, healthier and less stressed 2 weeks ago

10 small habits that will make you happier, healthier and less stressed

Happiness and health are the holy grail for most of us.

These two are also strongly linked, and it can be hard to achieve one without the other being present too.


The thing is, in a world where we are all increasingly busy and stressed out all the time, happiness, true happiness, can be a tricky one to nail down.

But the good news is that feeling happier doesn't often require a lot of effort or even money. There are plenty of little things you can start doing today that will no doubt lead to you feeling both happier and more excited about your life.

Curious? Here are 10 little habits to get you started:

1. Schedule things to look forward to throughout the week

Mondays getting you down? Make a "date" to sneak out for a latte in the sun with a colleague, or make plans to watch a movie and order Thai food with your other half later. It often doesn't have to be much, the power of having just a small little something to look forward to is a great one.

2. Drink more water


You will feel better, and feeling better will make you happier too.

3. Give yourself a small challenge to complete every week

This will ensure that as opposed to feeling defeated when Sunday rolls around, you'll feel accomplished. Ans these challenges could be as simple as smiling at a stranger every morning or skipping sweets every other day. Just try it and see for yourself.

4. Eat breakfast every day

And make it a nice one. Whether you do the work the night before (by making overnight oats or setting the table) or get up ten minutes earlier in the morning, sitting down to a breakfast you enjoy will set you up in a good mood for the day.


5. Buy some green plants

These are proven to lift your mood at home and can actually be beneficial to the air in your house too.

6. Eat more ice cream

Seriously, life is too short not to.


7. Listen to music that makes you happy

This one is such a mood booster. I never even attempt to clean without music.

8. Make your bed in the morning and open the blinds


You will feel more accomplished, and it will make your bed seem so much more inviting when bed time rolls around again later.

9. Set rules for technology

Be stricter with yourself when it comes to logging off, especially from social media. Pick up the phone and call someone for an actual conversation instead. Or read a book. Or go meet someone for a coffee. Life is what is happening outside your phone, not in it.

10. Go to sleep when you are tired

You are not doing anybody any good by forcing yourself to stay awake when your mind and body need a break. Oh, and sleeping more will do wonders for your skin too.