The 30-day feel good challenge with Roz Purcell, Philly McMahon and Gerry Hussey 1 year ago

The 30-day feel good challenge with Roz Purcell, Philly McMahon and Gerry Hussey

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland.

Spring is in the air and we’re all feeling that bit more refreshed and energised, and if not, well the time to pucker up is now!

Maybe it’s the sunshine (those short-lived rays), maybe it’s the thought of summer, or maybe these longer days leave us feeling like it's the perfect opportunity to get healthier, in both mind and body.

KBC Bank Ireland and Wellfest have brought about a new 30-day wellness programme, all pieced together and led by performance psychologist Gerry Hussey, best-selling cookery author Roz Purcell, and Dublin GAA player and fitness entrepreneur Philly McMahon.

If you’re thinking you’d like have a go at feeling fabulous for the month of April and beyond, this 30-day challenge is made for you.

Ok, we’re not promising you’ll be a giddy goat, fit, ecstatic and shouting from the rooftops day in, day out, but you’ll certainly be taking an immensely positive step in the right direction.

The whole purpose of these challenges is to set us on a feel-good path, and we here at Her will be with you each step of the way, taking part in our own 30-day wellness programme. You’ll see this on our Her Instagram. So throughout this week, we’ll keep you posted on what these daily challenges will be so you can join in.

All participants will be in with a chance to win tickets to this year’s Wellfest too! Everyone that signs up to the KBC Wellfest 30-day challenge is encouraged to share their journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #WellGood.

Using this hashtag means you just might be the lucky winner of those Wellfest tickets (two pairs will be won each week!). Everyone who subscribes to the programme will also get €5 off their weekend ticket to WellFest 2018. Ireland’s largest health, fitness and wellness festival – Wellfest – will be held in the Royal Hosptial Kilmainham on Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13.

WellGood is the perfect chance to have oodles of fun while getting tips from the pros around healthy recipes, fitness, mental wellbeing and more. Plus, at WellFest you’ll get to hang with like-minded people whose interests and goals are similar to yours. Don’t worry though, there’s absolutely no need to be an avid gym bunny or an experienced yogi. The most important thing is to have fun.

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland.

You can sign up for the KBC Wellfest 30-Day Challenge here. Wellfest is Ireland’s largest health, fitness and wellness festival and it takes place on 12-13 May. Tickets for WellFest are available on their website.