5 easy Sunday rituals I swear are making my life easier all through the week 6 months ago

5 easy Sunday rituals I swear are making my life easier all through the week

Ah, Sundays.

Possibly the loveliest, cosiest, most hygge-filled day of the week. When we have time for long, lazy breakfasts (maybe even brunch!), walks, watching TV in our pyjamas and generally just shutting off from the world and feeling our shoulders sink back down again to where they belong.


However, Sunday is also, I think, I great opportunity to prepare for the week ahead. And don't worry – I am not saying spend all day ironing or cleaning or deleting work e-mails. Instead, just pick a few tasks (feel free to steal some from the list below), some practical, some just pure enjoyable, and spend a few precious Sunday moments on these. You might just find it will invigorate you, calm you, make you happier and possible also more organized and prepared for the week ahead.

Go on – live your best Sunday life:

1. Write out your agenda for the week ahead – and stick it to the fridge

Knowledge is power, and you'll feel so much more in control knowing how your week is looking.


Pencil in anything from meetings to yoga classes and even bills that need paying – and you'll start the week off feeling you are running your days, not the other way around.

2. Do an edit of your closet

Getting dressed in the mornings will be SO much easier. Plus knowing what you have and what you may need will make getting the right stuff when you hit the shops easier too.


And don't hold back—toss/donate anything that's worn, doesn't fit, or that you won't ever wear again.

3. Empty your handbag(s)

You won't believe how much junk is in there.


4. Change the sheets on your bed

Nothing – literally nothing – is as nice as going to bed in fresh, clean sheets. And by doing so today, you will literally feel like you are getting ready for the new week ahead – and as a bonus – you'll sleep well and feel rested for Monday. Win-win.

5. Do some easy meal-prep

Eating healthy throughout the week is always easier when you got a fridge filled with quick and healthy options. And so on a Sunday, why not chop some veggies and keep them in water in the fridge?


Make a big pot of quinoa (or some other grains), perfect in a salad or alongside whatever meat/fish you are serving. Or how about making a big pot of soup or stew, and freeze in batches – ready to be taken out and defrosted on days when there is no time to cook something from scratch.