5 things people with coeliac disease are sick of hearing 1 year ago

5 things people with coeliac disease are sick of hearing

Coeliac disease is no joke. It's an auto-immune condition where the body reacts severely to gluten and other cereal proteins.

The intestines become inflamed and damaged resulting in poor absorption, basically... in no way a good time.

It's safe to say that it's a tad frustrating for coeliacs that gluten-free has become a food trend. All of a sudden it's gluten-free this and gluten-free that, and coeliacs the world over are now being pegged as simply 'health conscious'.

We've compiled a list of a few things coeliacs are completely sick of hearing;


  • "I'm going gluten-free this month too" - Cooooooool now we're the same, oh wait... it's not the same.




  • "Is that a real disease?...we all get cramps like" -  Shut up.




  • "I always thought I had coeliac disease, but I've never checked" - If you had it... you'd know.




  • "Gluten-free bread is SO gross, how do you even LIVE?" - We know it's disgusting... this is our life, but guess what?... bread makes you fat.



  • "God you're so lucky, being gluten free makes you so skinny" I'd throw all my pastries at you right now if I could trust myself to hold them.