A new study has found a link between wine and skin cancer 5 years ago

A new study has found a link between wine and skin cancer

A new study has found that there could be a link with drinking white wine and developing skin cancer.

The American Association for Cancer Research journal has published a new study which has found that wine drinkers have a 14% greater risk of melanoma than those who don't drink alcohol.


Furthermore, it found that those who live in places that get a lot of sun and drink alcohol regularly had a 73% chance of melanoma.

According to Metro, the research also looked at the different types of alcohol and found that white wine drinkers were at a greater risk of developing skin cancer. In fact, they had a 13% greater risk than those who drank red wine, beer and spirits.

The main difference in the alcohols is down to white wine having high levels of carcinogenic byproduct.

Metro spoke with a health information officer Katie Edmunds about the research who said:

"This study should be viewed with caution. Most of the results actually show that drinking alcohol had little to no effect on melanoma skin cancer risk.

Alcohol increases the risk of seven types of cancer, including common types like breast and bowel cancer.

And all types of alcohol increase cancer risk – regardless of whether it’s in wine, beer or spirits, the more you cut down on the amount you drink, the lower your risk."