A Trainer Gained Five Stone To Help Motivate His Client By Joining Her Weight Loss Journey 6 years ago

A Trainer Gained Five Stone To Help Motivate His Client By Joining Her Weight Loss Journey

For anyone who has faced an ongoing upwards battle with weight loss, you’ll know that sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to start again.

A new diet, a new fitness regime. To find a reason to start disciplining yourself when you’re ready to give up.


For personal trainer Adonis Hill, he knew training his client Alissa Kane was going to be a challenge.

According to Buzzfeed, Alissa told her trainer how she was overweight most of her life, weighing in at 22stone.

Rather than motivating her from the side-line, Adonis took on a challenge himself. The 35-year old trainer from Brooklyn decided the best way to motivate Alissa was by taking the journey with her.


For this reason, he piled on five stone in three months, by eating 8,000 calories a day – munching on pizza, hot dogs, McDonald’s, Oreos and chocolate and drinking bottles of sugary drinks. He also stopped exercising immediately.


After Alissa saw Adonis’ body transformation, the pair started recording their training of five or six days a week for a US show Fit to Fat to Fit.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Adonis explained how he had suffered from depression and started over-eating during his late-twenties. He lost 7stone 1 lb by the time he was 29 but admitted that the second attempt to get fit had been tougher:

“I was putting in a lot of work in the gym but eating right was hard this time because I was coming off an old addiction. I had to wean myself off unhealthy food.

“I forgot how hard it was [to lose weight].”


As well as their training sessions, the pair cut out all junk, processed and take-away foods and opted for a high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet – hitting their weight loss goals of 57lbs for Adonis and 58lbs for Alissa in just four months.

Speaking about their journey, Adonis gave his top tip for helping Alissa reach her goals:

‘How did @alissabethkane lose almost 60 lbs in 4 months and ENJOY the process at the same time? …. It’s simple! Instead of asking her what are your fitness goals, I asked her: “what’s on your mind and what are your life goals?” I became her friend first then her trainer 2nd.’