Some of the most beautiful quotes shared to honour World Mental Health Day 4 years ago

Some of the most beautiful quotes shared to honour World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10, 2017 is World Mental Health Day.

This day, around the world gives us all an opportunity to bring awareness to and highlight mental health and wellbeing issues where we work, rest and play.


Remembering you are not alone is vitally important. Your metal health is not something to be ashamed about and seeking help is normal. You control you, and sometimes you need help finding that inner control again and that's ok too.

To shed a light and a thought for today, we are packing on the positive by sharing some of our favourite quotes from people around the world, reminding us that... we are resilient, we can overcome the storm and we can achieve anything we set out to.

Kindness, patience and love are free. Be strong, be true, be courageous and compassionate. #mentalhealthawareness

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t a k e • c a r e • o f • y o u r s e l f If you had broken your ankle, you wouldn't try to run a marathon, would you? The same goes for mental health. Today is #worldmentalhealthday and it is a topic very close to my own heart. I suffer with anxiety and a mild form of depression. My anxiety can get to the point where I hallucinate, and these hallucinations can vary based on what has triggered them. At their lightest, when I'm ill and my head is a bit foggy, they appear in the form of spiders, crawling up the walls, hiding in the curtains. At their darkest, they can manifest in the form of a clown, who just stands there. Watching. Waiting. For what, to this day, I have no idea. I fought hard against my mental health and I'm still fighting to this day. Chances are I'll always be fighting, but that's okay. Because as long as I continue the fight, the mental illness isn't winning. I find solace in my exo work, I find it theraputic, relaxing, having a slice of the ocean in my living room, and it takes me to a place where my mental health is not at the forefront of my mind. It is not in control. And I hope that this message will be a beacon of hope to those who are fighting, because I am fighting alongside you. You are not alone. My inbox is always open if you need it to be. Take care of yourselves ❤️

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