This blogger lost LOADS of followers for posting a picture of period blood 2 months ago

This blogger lost LOADS of followers for posting a picture of period blood

What are your thoughts?

I find it sad that periods are still a taboo subject, despite the fact that literally 50 percent of the population gets them.

We still whisper when we ask someone in the office for a tampon, and we still can't quite say the word period infront of men.

Well, most of us can't anyway.

Some of us have chosen to look the taboo in the face and say 'fuck that'.

Blogger Grace Victory is one of those people.

Yesterday, Grace shared an image of herself in bed after a period leak.


Gal, we have ALL been there.

But it would seem as though the image made people uncomfortable, resulting in over 1,000 unfollows in less that 24 hours.


A number of people commenting calling the post "gross" and "disgusting".

Lads, blood is just blood. No need to panic.

Thankfully, hundreds of people spoke of their support for Grace's post, and the importance of normalising periods.

"Considering that half the population goes through this at least once, it’s bs that it’s still a shock to see. Love this post and the caption," wrote one follower.

Another said: "This is actually the second picture like this I’ve seen on social media, and it makes me happy. Though social media isn’t all good, I’m glad it gives young girls access to validating and comforting content like this."

Dead right!

Grace may have lost 1,000 followers, but she's certainly gained at least one (moi).