Constantly Have UTI's? There Could Be Several Reasons Why 7 years ago

Constantly Have UTI's? There Could Be Several Reasons Why

UTIs. They are the absolute worst, and many women get them so frequently it can become debilitating. However, it's not just a case that you can contract them after sexual intercourse.

The ladies over at Refinery29 found that as well as changes in sex habits (having different partners, or becoming sexually active after a break), poor wiping technique is also to blame. Yes. We know it's supposed to be front to back but according to Dr. Raquel Dardik, a lot of women do this incorrectly.


Kidney stones and not emptying your bladder completely can also up your risk, as well as having diabetes which is poorly managed. Women also get them more because our urethras are shorter than men's, which seems grossly unfair.

So how to try and prevent the dreaded things? Try and empty your bladder correctly, wipe properly (for the love of God) and ALWAYS pee after sex. Always.

Also, don't worry if you get a couple of UTI's a year. It's only a cause for concern if they are very frequent. If this concerns you, speak to your GP who will refer you to a urinary specialist.

Good to know.