So, you've lost weight... but what will happen to your boobs? 1 year ago

So, you've lost weight... but what will happen to your boobs?

OK, so you want to lose weight.

But you also want to hold onto your jiggly bits. You want your bum and boobs to keep going on their merry way and be as perky and beautiful as they could possibly be.

That's where the conundrum is. It is inevitable that you will lose some weight on your boobs if you try to shed a few pounds.

However, Angela Fitch, M.D., of the University of Cincinnati’s Weight Loss Center spoke to Cosmo about what will really go on with your chest, and it's all very... explanatory.

First of all she notes that we cannot change where weight falls off our bodies.

"Because of where they are on our bodies, they’re just out there for us to see. So we probably notice them more than our backside or thighs. But fat is going to come off wherever it’s going to come off. It doesn’t have a preference," Angela said.

And for the dreaded sagginess?

"Sometimes breasts will have a more prominent sag than, say, your thighs because they weigh more and so gravity pulls them down. But speed doesn’t matter. If you lose a lot of weight, you’re going to have looser skin." Oh, FAB.

However, there is one thing you can try to make them stay perky-ish - weight training.

"During the weight-loss process, we always recommend weight training. Cardio helps to burn fat, but weight training helps to increase metabolism. If you’re losing weight, your metabolism is going down, but building muscle will help bring it back up."

So there you have it. Unfortunately they will get smaller, and they may sag a little, but all in all, if you focus some time on weight training, then maybe they will stay as best they can.

And if you want them smaller - then you're grand.