Forget boxercise... why squash is the ULTIMATE workout to embrace in 2017 5 years ago

Forget boxercise... why squash is the ULTIMATE workout to embrace in 2017

Think squash and you might assume butternut, but don't forget squash is also a a killer workout that a lot more of us ladies should embrace.

And with two months of the year now almost gone, it's probably time to revisit our 2017's fitness resolutions anyway.


Let’s face it, you’re completely sick of boxercise class, and if one more perma-tanned gym instructor screams at you to ‘PUSH’ there’s a good chance you’ll PUSH him off his stationary bike.

So, something different and something sweatier to keep our goals on track.

How about a game of squash? Yes, we're aware it conjures up some interesting imagery but believe us squash is not for the faint hearted.


The fitness benefits are staggering, Forbes magazine continually awards it the top spot on their list of the healthiest sports to play.

So what makes squash stand out so much? Put simply... it's the calorie burn.

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Squash has you running, jumping, lunging, twisting and even diving constantly throughout a game. Your heart and lungs are working at peak efficiency and this all works towards improved cardiovascular health.

And the best part? You hardly notice the cardio as you’re working out like a total lunatic (that's a good thing!).


It all depends on your height and weight, if we were to break it down for a sturdy 5’1 woman (on a good day) weighing around 51Kg (on a great day) you  could burn around 400 calories playing a practice match and doing routines for 30 to 40 minutes. If you weigh more you'll burn more.

Aside from the health benefits, squash is something different it’s incredibly good fun and there’s a small but dedicated Irish community who are welcoming, eager and encouraging.

The Irish Squash website, has a full list of contacts and clubs across the country, so you can find a court and a coach near you.


Try it out; you never know your athletic prowess may surprise you.