"Get off the bus a stop early and move" - parkour star gets serious 4 years ago

"Get off the bus a stop early and move" - parkour star gets serious

 Is your gym membership lying dormant? Ours too... drop everything and pay attention to this girl.

Parkour is a MENTAL fitness phenomenon which sees people literally bouncing off the walls, it actually originates from a training discipline based on a military obstacle course, so when we heard a female parkour star was coming to Ireland we had to find out more.


Katie McDonnell's CV reads like a full blown fitness fantasy; work with Michael Fassbender in Assasin's Creed, complete a Ninja Warrior Course, become an internationally renowned free runner.

Oh and just to make us feel that teeny bit worse, she's only 26 (sigh).

The professional stuntwoman is in Dublin to help launch the Lucozade 'Made to Move' sessions, so we had to pick her brain and get some tips on getting out there and moving more.

First thing's first, how can people with busy schedules stay active when life gets in the way?

'You don't have to have a fancy gym membership to move and stay in shape, use the environment you're in, that's what parkour is all about."

"It doesn't have to be as a dramatic as jumping between buildings it can be as simple as getting off the bus a stop early and walking".

She went on to say how much she's enjoying Dublin as a backdrop for parkour,

“This is my first trip here and I’ve absolutely loved freerunning through the Capital. The landscape has been really varied and cool to perform against. I’m so proud to get behind Lucozade Sport’s Made To Move campaign and help encourage people to move more and get more active."

Parkour is definitely an acquired fitness taste, but Katie makes it look and sound incredibly fun, so if you're interested in getting involved here in Ireland, check out Parkour Ireland.


Parkour is definitely an acquired fitness taste, but Katie definitely makes it look fun (we're already sweating) if you want more information on how to get involved here in Ireland, head to Parkour Ireland.

Also, we'll just leave this here, she's an ACTUAL Ninja.