Girl loses four and a half stone in a year without going to the gym 8 months ago

Girl loses four and a half stone in a year without going to the gym

Fair play.

If this doesn't act as motivation to make you want to achieve your goals, nothing will.

A girl from Florida in the US has been sharing her incredible story of getting into shape online.

Tiffany, known as 'My Adventure to Fit' on Instagram, has lost 65 pounds in the past year without ever hitting the gym.

"When I would go shopping, I would always buy the XL of whatever it was and never try it on because I didn't want to face that it might have been to small for me," she told Popsugar.

The single mum-of-two decided to cut out certain foods and saw a big improvement.

"I decided to 100 per cent commit to being DONE with 'junk food'.

"No more candy bars, sodas, or other things alike. I went dairy-free and gluten-free."

She lost almost a stone and a half within a couple of months and said she felt better than she ever had before.

She also opted for Insanity Max 30 work-outs at home over gym sessions, adapting the tougher moves at the start to suit her.

Tiffany said that her number one piece of advice for anyone looking to get in shape would be to avoid 'diets'.

"Eating healthy and keeping your body moving is what works. Starvation diets, diet pills, wraps — they're all temporary. Solving the real problem will give you the real and permanent solution."