Healthy eating on a budget: Rosanna Davison's top tips 5 years ago

Healthy eating on a budget: Rosanna Davison's top tips

Healthy eating can be a b**ch on your bank account.

Yes, with all the good intentions in the world, living a healthy lifestyle can leave you rubbing your final pennies together by the end of the month.


Often starting out well, by week four we’ve reverted back to beans on toast and a pint of off-brand squash for dinner.

However, many experts say that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank, we’re just going about it all wrong.

We asked Nutritional Therapist (and absolute mega-babe) Rosanna Davison for her advice, and she says being healthy doesn’t have to be so difficult.


“I think that the idea that healthy eating is expensive is a bit of a myth. I find that buying fresh produce, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds, works out cheaper than what somebody might spend on packaged and processed foods, cereals, biscuits etc.

“I found that when I moved to a plant-based diet, I was spending less as meat, cheese and other animal-based foods can be expensive and especially when you buy higher-quality products.”

However, when you get into the supermarket, things can get a little overwhelming.

So, what advice does Rosanna have for shopping for a healthy diet?


“I would encourage people to buy fresh fruit and veg from the discount supermarkets to get some really good offers. Buying dried beans, grains and pulses in bulk can form the base of inexpensive meals.

“Cooking in bulk to last a few days can work well when you’re trying to eat in a more healthy way, and I love making big batches of stews, curries and soups – which also freeze really well.

“Frozen fruit and vegetables can be a good option, and frozen berries work out much cheaper than buying fresh. Keep a store of them in the freezer for quick and easy smoothies.”

Rosanna’s main nugget of advice however, is something we’ve all heard time and time again - fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

“The main part of eating well, apart from the motivation part, is being well prepared.

“For me, that means having my fridge and cupboards stocked up with healthy snacks and components for easy meals.”