Here is what millennials say they would give up to lose weight 7 years ago

Here is what millennials say they would give up to lose weight

We're very surprised by this.

It seems that the vast majority of young people are not happy with their image and would like to be thinner or fitter.


Sadly the methods people are using to obtain their idea of a good figure is not always healthy, from detox teas to quick fix diets.

However, professionals will always advise that a healthy diet combined with exercise is the correct way to go.

It seems that young adults would rather give up some of their guilty pleasure to lose weight than do the above.

Shape reports that a recent study asked these young adults what they would be willing to give up to lose weight.


The answer was not fast food or beer, but technology.

One in eight millennials said that they would give up their cell phones for a whole year to reach their ideal weight.

One in 10 would go without the Internet for a full year to attain their goal.

For a generation that is obsessed with technology and social media, it is interesting to see that they would rather give up their iPhone's than a take-away.


In the same study one in eight millennials said that "looking fit" is more important than their future.

While being fit and healthy is incredibly important, looking fit should not be a bigger priority than your overall future.