Here's two foods you should eat after you workout 3 years ago

Here's two foods you should eat after you workout

Try giving these fruits a go after your next workout.

Being active and working out is brilliant for your body and mind, but burning lots of calories and using energy means it's important to refuel with the right foods.

Most of us know that protein is an important factor for your post workout meal, so adding chicken, eggs and fish to your plate can help aid muscle recovery and keeping your energy up.

But MindBodyGreen has recommended adding two fruits to your shopping list to snack on after the gym. These are watermelon and blueberries, so while they are not your typical apples and oranges, you can pick them up in most supermarkets and fruit and veg shops.

Watermelon is recommended to help with achy muscles. It contains amino acids with antioxidant properties which not only reduces muscle pain, has been found to reduce heart rate.

Blueberries are praised for their antioxidant powers which boosts brain power, keeping you alert after a tiring workout. It also aids muscle recovery like watermelon and reduces stress. If you're looking to lose weight at the gym blueberries are also said to aid weight loss.

The good news about both of these fruits is that they are very versatile and can be added to some of the meals you may already be choosing after your workout, they can be added to a smoothie or shake and can even be added to savoury meals such as chicken salads.

Watermelon Feta and Rocket Salad (hi-res)