Here’s why most women fail to have an orgasm 3 years ago

Here’s why most women fail to have an orgasm

At the weekend we brought you the news that a high percentage of millennial women report that they feel nothing during sex and frequently fail to achieve an orgasm.

A shocking 44.4 percent of sexually active young women between the age of 16-21 were unhappy about their sex life.

21.3 percent of women said they had difficulty reaching climax while others claimed they lacked enjoyment in sex, felt anxious during sex or had no excitement or arousal.

One in five also claimed they had no interest in sex at all.

Trying to understand the problem is Dr. Tammy Nelson, author of Getting the Sex You Want. She spoke to Broadly about why women sometimes fail to enjoy sex.

"The key thing for women to achieve any kind of sexual pleasure is that women need to feel like they're safe," she says.

"Women are like anti-virus protection systems; they'll shut down if they feel like something is threatening the system."

In medical terms, sexual response is prompted by  neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters cause the clitoris to respond so simply put, your lady parts rely on a lot of information from your brain.

"Your orgasm starts with your mind, not your fingers," says Nelson. She continues to say that mental state has as much to do your physical state.

Anxiety, stress and short attention spans are the lead mood killer so getting yourself into a relaxed state of mind before commencing sexy time is key.