Is Your Vagina Size Normal? Here’s An Easy Way To Check How You Measure Up 3 years ago

Is Your Vagina Size Normal? Here’s An Easy Way To Check How You Measure Up

While there are a thousand different diagrams and tips to help you work out your breast size and shape, concerns that you look ‘normal’ downstairs tend to be left unanswered for most women.

Whether you’ve worried your lips are too long, or there’s a problem why you can’t find that clitoris mid no pants dance, this new research is about to set those measurement queries to rest.

Brook McFadden, M.D. and assistant professor in the division of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at The Ohio State University decided to start looking into how women shape up downstairs.


Combinining research on 50 samples from 2000, McFadden decided to study the female anatomy of 168 women, with an average age of 57 years.

Using the same measuring technique as the original study —so the scientific world can start to bank important information about women’s bodies – she came up with the stats of an ‘average’ woman…

Your labia majora (the outer lips) are on average 8.1cm long, but the research found women ranged from 4 to 11.5cm long. The most common length tends to be the same size as a bottle of nail polish. The size of your labia majora will become smaller as you age…


The smaller size of the clitoris might explain why it’s not always that easy to locate. The average size of participants’ clitoris is just a tiny 1.6cm wide (just a touch smaller than the button on your jeans).


Not shockingly, the research also found that “increased clitoral width was associated with likelihood of orgasm during intercourse.”

Last but not least, when inspected, the women reported back that the average vaginal canal is 9.6cm long (the length of a tube of lip gloss), while anything between 6.5 and 12.5cm is listed as regular. As for the diameter, the average width is 2.1 to 3.5 centimeters, although some women reported diameters of just 2cm.


So, what’s the most important thing to take from all of this?

Everyone is different, so chances are if you think you look weird, you’re worrying for no reason.

Still, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, book in with your doctor to talk through your concerns.

H/T Women's Health