Study proves this is the most effective motivation when trying to lose weight 3 years ago

Study proves this is the most effective motivation when trying to lose weight

Forget your carrot sticks, weighing scales and endless ‘fitspiration’ pictures saved to your phone.

Apparently the best way to lose weight, and keep it off, is to see a friend successfully slim down.


According to new research, it’s time to end the fad diets or group programmes and start taking a look around your friendship circle. The study claims that the people most successful in their weight loss are motivated when they see friends do well with healthy eating plans, rather than listening to a celebrity diet endorsement.

The study shows that comparing your body to the weight loss of celebrities could damage your chances of sustaining a weight loss

During the study, people were asked to connect with a weight loss ambassador through a social network, or alternatively follow a celebrity ideal.

Based on the various simulations, people in the social networks who adopted the 'normal' role model were proven to successfully lose more weight and achieve a higher total weight loss per group amongst their peers than those in the celebrity category.

The research found that people found a loss in motivation during the 'plateau' periods of weight loss (where their body weight is not dropping) when following celebrity plans, while those who followed a friend or 'normal' role model were inspired to keep going.

Speaking about the research, Lora Cavuoto of the University of Buffalo said:

“People want to see that positive influence. Understanding how social influence affects people's participation in health programs can lead to better-designed wellness interventions.”


So the next time you need that body pin-up to aspire to, it might be time to put away the celebrity instagram feeds, fitness DVDs or weight loss tips.

Chances are you’ll be a lot more successful if you follow in the footsteps of a favourite friend.