Man inhales false teeth during surgery, has them stuck in throat for eight days 1 year ago

Man inhales false teeth during surgery, has them stuck in throat for eight days

He complained that he was unable to swallow.

A man who inhaled his false teeth while under aesthetic had the dentures stuck in his throat for eight days.

The anonymous patient, a 72-year-old retired electrician, had been in hospital to have a lump removed from his abdomen.

After six days, he discovered that his mouth was filling with blood and that he was finding it difficult to swallow.

Upon returning to the hospital, doctors discovered that he had inhaled his dentures during surgery.

According to BMJ Case Reports medical journal, the man returned to A&E complaining that he was unable to swallow any of his medication.

He had been prescribed mouthwash, steroids, and antibiotics to treat what doctors thought was a respiratory infection from having a tube down his throat.

They later found a semi-circular objected lodged just above his vocal chords - his false teeth which had been "lost during general surgery admission."

The metal plate with three front teeth had been causing internal blistering and swelling.

Emergency surgery removed the dentures from the man's throat. He was discharged from hospital six days later.

The medical journal report states that this is not the first time dentures have been inhaled while a patient is under aesthetic.

"There are no set national guidelines on how dentures should be managed during anaesthesia," it read.

"But it is known that leaving dentures in during bag-mask ventilation allows for a better seal during induction, and therefore, many hospitals allow dentures to be removed immediately before intubation, as long as this is clearly documented."

The report concluded that all members of surgical teams must be aware of dentures before and after surgery, as well know what to do with them during the procedure.