Mind Matters: Need to Talk? Here’s Who You Can Contact For Support 7 years ago

Mind Matters: Need to Talk? Here’s Who You Can Contact For Support

Minding your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health.

If you need to talk to someone now, there are a number of confidential helplines you can call that are there to provide you with information, advice and emotional support.


Some of the helplines deal with particular issues while others like Samaritans support more general calls.

Below is a list of who you can contact, broken down into sections dealing with: mental health; suicide and bereavement; drugs and alcohol; sexuality; pregnancy and sexual health; eating disorders; domestic violence and support for parents.

(This is not a comprehensive list of voluntary support services. Local HSE Health Offices will be able to provide you with more support services in each region):

Mental Health



Phone: 1890 303 302

Website: aware.ie

Aware continues to maintain and develop depression and related mood disorder support services. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible, and by providing online support options as well as face-to-face options our organisation can really make a difference.




Phone: 1800 66 66 66

Text: 50101


Website: childline.ie

Childline is a part of the ISPCC (The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). There are several ways to get in touch with us. There is a telephone service, there is an online service and there is a mobile phone texting service.



Phone: 1890 474 474


Email: info@grow.ie

Website: grow.ie

GROW's mission is to nurture mental health, personal growth, prevention and full recovery from all kinds of mental illness.



Phone: 116 123

Email: jo@samaritans.org

Website: samaritans.org

You can also call your preferred branch of Samaritans in Ireland.

Providing befriending 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to those passing through personal crisis.


SHINE (Supporting People Affected by Mental Ill Health)

Phone:  1890 621631

Email: phil@shineonline.ie

Website: shineonline.ie

Shine is the national organisation dedicated to upholding the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by mental ill health, through the promotion and provision of high-quality services and working to ensure the continual enhancement of the quality of life of the people it serves. 



Phone: 1800 833 634

Email: info@teenline.ie

Website: TeenLine Ireland

Teen-Line Ireland is a free-phone service open every day of the week from 8pm to 11pm. Now we also open early on Wednesday – 4pm to 11pm. All calls are confidential.


Suicide and Bereavement


Phone: 1800 247 247

Email: info@console.ie

Website: console.ie

Console has developed into a National Organisation supporting people in Suicidal Crisis and those Bereaved by Suicide through Professional Counselling, Support and Helpline Services.



Phone: 1800 247 100

Website: 1life.ie

The 1life service is available to anyone living in the Republic of Ireland, who may be feeling suicidal, in crisis or worried about a loved or friend.


Pieta House

Phone (to arrange appointment): 01 601 00 00

Website: pieta.ie

Pieta House offers a specialised treatment programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming behaviours.


Living Links

Phone: 087 412 2052

Email: info@Livinglinks.ie

Website: Living Links

Living Links Providing assertive outreach support to the suicide bereaved.


Drugs and Alcohol

National Drugs & HIV

Phone: 1800 459 459

Email: support@drugs.ie

Website: drugs.ie

Drugs.ie is an independent website managed by The Ana Liffey Drug Project.  Our mission is to help individuals, families and communities prevent and/or address problems arising from drug and alcohol use.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Phone : 01 4538998

Email : gso@alcoholicsanonymous.ie

Website: alcoholicsanonymous.ie

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.



Gay Switchboard

Phone: 01 872 1055

Email: ask@ghn.ie

Website: gayswitchboard.ie



Phone: 1890 929 539

Website: LGBT.ie

The LGBT Helpline is a non-judgmental and confidential service providing listening, support and information to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, their family and friends, and to those who are questioning if they might be LGBT. The National LGBT Helpline service is provided by a network of trained volunteers from a number of local LGBT helplines.


Sexual Health and Pregnancy

Irish Family Planning Association

Phone: 1850 495 051 (pregnancy helpline)

Phone: 1850 425 262 (contraceptive info)

Website: ifpa.ie

The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) is Ireland’s leading sexual health charity. The organisation promotes the right of all people to sexual and reproductive health information and dedicated, confidential and affordable healthcare services.



Phone: 1850 281 281

Email: life@life.ie

Website: life.ie

Life Pregnancy Care Ireland Ltd was established in 1981 and is a non-denominational, non-advocacy organisation registered for charitable purposes. We provide help and support to people facing an unplanned pregnancy, post-pregnancy and post-abortion. Our support includes homeless accommodation, parenting and pre-natal classes and a counselling service. Our ethos is based on one simple principle:



Phone: 1850 622626

Email: curacares@cura.ie

Website: cura.ie

Crisis Pregnancy may be hard to face.  It can help to talk to someone. Talk to us today, we will listen.


Eating Disorders


Phone: 1890 200 444

Email: info@bodywhys.ie

Website: bodywhys.ie

Our vision is that people affected by eating disorders will have their needs met through the provision of appropriate, integrated, quality services being delivered by a range of statutory, private and voluntary agencies.


Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

One in Four

Phone: 01 662 4070

Email:  info@oneinfour.ie

Website: oneinfour.ie

One in four people in Ireland experience sexual abuse. It might be you, someone you care about or someone you're friendly with.



Phone: 01 8670 701

Email: helpline@aoibhneas.org

Website: Aoibhneas.ie

Aoibhneas was established in 1988 to respond to the needs of women and children suffering violence in their home. Aoibhneas operates a 24 hour helpline service, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Women's Aid

Phone: 1800 341 900

Website: womensaid.ie

Women’s Aid knows how difficult it can be living with domestic violence. That is why we offer free, confidential support and information. We listen to you and talk to you about your situation. We won’t judge you or tell you what to do. We won’t tell anyone you’ve been in touch with us. We can discuss your options and help you plan your safety. We can support you by sitting down with you to you explore the various options available to you. We can also go to court with you.


Support for Parents


Phone: 1890 927277

Email: info@parentline.ie

Website: Parentline.ie

We offer support, guidance and information on all aspects of being a parent and the reassurance that, whatever the problem, you’re not the first parent to face it. Sometimes, all you could need is a listening ear.

If you’re worried that you or someone you know is at risk of suicide of harm you should immediately contact your local GP or go to the nearest Accident and Emergency department. Contact your local doctor, listed under “General Practitioners” in the Golden Pages or visit www.icgp.ie